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What we do best

Our Core Services

IRC is your partner for International Relocation Services. Our team of international consultants, with varied cultural and professional backgrounds, guarantees high quality and personalized relocation services. We know what is necessary for a successful transition.
Visa and Immigration
Corporate Relocation
Executive Services
Spouse Career
Our Business

What we offer

IRC supports you with all formalities necessary for your Expats to travel, work and live in Germany. The most essential ingredient for a successful, international transfer of your employees is the timely approval of all necessary visa and immigration applications. Through our many years of experience and our excellent contacts, we can best support you and employees with successful completion of these procedures. IRC has excellent contacts to the authorities ensuring quick solutions for often very difficult and tedious time-consuming requests. Entering Germany for a short-term assignment or new job is more than simply arriving at the airport. Germany with its specific bureaucracy, differing from state to state, can be confusing and cause delays. Put your trust in IRC for quick and comprehensive solutions and high professional services for all inbound and outbound assignees or local hires. IRC with the support of our immigration lawyer Mrs. Heidi Scheirer accompanies you and your assignee with all visa regulations before departure to all local registration requirements upon arrival.

  • Support with individual visa and immigration needs
  • Coordination of the entire visa application process
  • Application and extension of the work permit authorization
  • Application and extension of the residence permit

  • Identifying necessary application forms
  • Organization of document flow
  • Support with local registration requirements
Our Business

What we offer

IRC offers a comprehensive range of services designed to help professionals to manage all aspects of their relocation to Germany or moves within Germany.
We support your new incoming staff with a smooth integration into a new living environment as well as supporting the integration of the entire family into new social networks – quickly, easily and without additional burdens for your employees. This allows your staff to focus on their new job, make new social contacts easily and use their free-time to enjoy their life in the new city. We offer the following services:

  • Get-to-know-Berlin Orientation Tour
  • Home-Finding
  • Search of educational institutions
  • Assistance with local administrative formalities

  • Social and cultural integration
  • Ongoing Support
  • Departure assistance
Our Business

Service Excellence

Through years of experience, we know that your management team follows a very focused and time-efficient schedule. For this reason, we have developed our Executive-Relocation-Service in accordance with these high demands. You want your top executives to be cared for with very individual and exclusive support before, during and after their move. Based on our years of experience, we know that your executives are living a very focused and time-efficient life-/work style. This service is primarily tailored to the specific requirements of a tight schedule for your top management. Our individually tailored and high-quality service guarantees efficient support at the highest level. The goal of our experienced IRC consultants is to ensure full attention to the specific needs of your executives.

  • Orientation
  • Home-finding
  • Handover of property
  • Move-In
  • Family support

  • Administrative Assistance
  • Ongoing Support
  • Departure
  • Special Services
Our Business

What we offer

IRC provides experience and competency, supporting the trailing spouses in finding a job on a foreign market and in an unknown employment culture. In a world, where the globalization of companies requires a higher mobility, the spouses’ career can become the challenge for an assignment. Holding professional, managerial and executive positions, spouses are increasingly reluctant to accept international assignments. They face losing a job twice – on expatriation and repatriation.

  • Career consulting
  • Self-Marketing support
  • Administrative services
  • Job-placement service
  • Individual career coaching

Customer centricity

Service Modules

Our different service modules allows IRC to offer customized destination services. We can gladly develop an individual service concept for you.


Comprehensive information about the new place of residency in Germany. IRC offers an extensive neighborhood orientation tour which enables your assignee the selection of the residential area, which best meets their needs.


We respond to the individual needs of your assignees and create a search profile to assist in finding suitable properties reflecting the current market situation. Our scope of Home-Finding Service includes limited to unlimited accompanied viewings. This can be negotiated.

Handover of property

We document every property handover with a protocol and digital photos of damages. IRC supports your employees with all formalities regarding lease negotiations, lease summary in English and offering registration support with utility providers.


Whether it concerns moving companies, renovations or interior design – through our network of selected service providers, we can put together the perfect team for solution to your employee’s needs.


It is IRC’s top priority to integrate the entire family well, with the greatest empathy for the individual needs. We support the family with their choice of educational institutions and facilitate the integration of each family member into a supportive social network.

Administrative Assistance

Through our expertise and excellent contacts with the government authorities, we can support you and your assignees efficiently with all authorizations and formalities. From visa support, to work permit authorization to local registrations and residence permits.

Ongoing Support

Would you like continual support? We can supervise the expiration dates of all permits and can offer an emergency 24/7 hotline to your assignees. Discuss with us your needs.


The coordination of all necessary proceedings for a stress-free departure is with IRC in professional hands. We have all deadlines of contract terminations and formalities at one glance.

Special services

You are planning to move an entire department or your company headquarters to a new location? Through our many years of experience with company moves, we can respond professionally to your specific needs.

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IRC Germany

Our locations in Germany

Managed through our Berlin office, our widespread team of local consultants with expertise of the local market and yearlong contacts to the authorities allow IRC Berlin to deliver services in other major business centers throughout Germany. Through our affiliation with EuRA, we have developed a network of highly professional and same-minded partners, who adhere to identical high ethical and professional standards throughout Germany and Europe. Our primary emphasis is providing sound “made-in-Germany” American Customer Service professional support to our clients throughout Germany.
Why it is important

Two sides of the same coin

With our services we offer a significant added value for the employer and the employee, which is reflected in the company. See a few examples of what we mean.
Employee‘s benefit


  • Seamless transition to a new work environment
  • Direct focused start into a new company
  • They get the feeling that they‘re being taken care of
  • Less stress for the family
  • Direct social integration into a new environment
  • A contact person in a time of change
Employer‘s benefit


  • Direct start of your employee without private hurdles
  • Corporate image becomes more human and professional
  • Satisfied employees are better in their jobs
  • Cost savings on the long run
  • More work efficiency due to satisfied employees
  • Improvement of corporate culture

European Relocation Association

Member of EuRA

EuRA is the professional industry body for relocation providers and affiliated services. As a non-profit organisation EuRA promotes professional relocation services. IRC Berlin is part of the larger network.

Ecological footprint

One for the planet

At IRC Berlin we are very concerned about the preservation of nature and planet earth. We have decided to give something back and help where we can. Our website is powered by 100% green energy and therefore produces no CO2 emissions. The energy required is produced by hydro-technology and for each site hosted a tree is planted.

Service is more than delivering the expected

Clients whom we have worked for

Our Awards

Proof of Excellence

Now more than 15 years IRC Berlin is active in international mobility services. We are proud of our well trained team. The core of our success is our corporate philosophy. We love what we do and promise the best quality in our services… See our awards:

2015 – Gold Award

International Destination Service Provider

2016 – Gold Award

International Destination Service Provider

2017 – Gold Award

Service Excellence

2018 – Gold Award

Destination Services

2019 – Gold Award

Service Excellence

2019 – Gold Award

International Destination Service Provider
The heart of IRC Berlin

See our core team

Niklas Almerood
Josephine Coenen
Head of IT
Radha Barna Roa
Change Management Berater
Nils van Laack
Back Office Support
Ulrika Bartoleit
Account Manager
Anja Kunzke
Account Manager
Barbara Siman-Tov
Account Manager
Luisa Haack
Change Management Berater
Nicolas Pfleiderer
Intercultural Trainerin IRC Berlin
Intercultural Trainerin
Friederike von Denffer
Our pool of freelancers

Well trained team of freelancers Germany-wide