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Ecological Footprint

There is no planet B

At IRC Berlin we are very concerned about the preservation of nature and planet earth. We have decided to give something back and help where we can. Our website is powered by 100% green energy and therefore produces no CO2 emissions. The energy required is produced by hydro-technology and for each site hosted a tree is planted.

In numbers


RAIDBOXES uses 100 percent hydroelectric power. We are aware that not all green electricity is the same. That is why we pay attention to the following basic conditions with our partners: The electricity comes entirely from plants that generate energy from hydropower. Hydropower electricity, which is remunerated under the EEG, is not included. Our electricity is produced exclusively in Germany. The criteria are TÜV-certified and are checked annually.

Completely regenerative & climate positive

Only certified energy

Energy-efficient processors

Measurements of electricity consumption

Free from nuclear power

No undeclared suppliers

Our trusted host


In addition to reforestation, we support the Get Mads initiative. It invests in climate-friendly projects selected according to strict criteria - including the United Nations Convention to Combat CO2 Emissions. The projects Get Mads is committed to focus on developing countries. This additionally promotes their social and economic growth. Through the partnership alone, RAIDBOXES currently offsets 40.48 tons of CO2 every month, in addition to the trees planted. By financing certified carbon and plastic offset projects through Get Mads. This corresponds to a CO2 saving of more than 160,000 kilometres driven by car. Just click on the logo on the right to see what they exactly do!