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Employee Relocation

IRC Support Stuff with a Smooth Integration


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Employee Relocation

Home Finding


User Experience

Employee Relocation

Kita and School Search


Creative Process

Employee Relocation

Get-To-Know Orientation Tour


Planning Skills

Employee Relocation

Assistent with Local Administrative Formalities


Company Goals

Employee Relocation

Social and Cultural Integration


Design Inspiration

Employee Relocation

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Design Inspiration

Our Vision

All our Services Cater to Your Individual Needs



IRC offers a comprehensive range of services designed to help professionals to manage all aspects of their relocation to Germany or moves within Germany.


We offer a 24 hour hotline for emergencies and give advice to your employees.

Modular Service

Our different service modules allows IRC to offer customized destination services. We gladly develop an individual service concept for you.

Proof of

Service is more than delivering the expected.


Corporate Relocation

We support your new incoming staff with a smooth integration into a new living environment as well as supporting the integration of the entire family into new social networks – quickly, easily and without additional burdens for your employees. This allows your staff to focus on their new job, make new social contacts easily and use their free-time to enjoy their life in the new city.

Berlin Orientation Tour

Our Service

Get to know the diverse districts

Explore residential neighbourhoods

Identification of individual preference

Home Finding

Our Service

Pre-Selection of suitable housing

Accompanied & unaccompanied viewings

Lease negotiations

English summary (No Translation) if required

Registration with utility providers

Personal assistance, while getting to know your immediate community

Educational search

Our Service

Finding suitable schools and kindergartens as well as children care takers

Comparison and preselection

Accompanied & unaccompanied visits to schools of choice

Assistance with the administrative formalities

Application of Kita and Hort (after school day-care-centre) Voucher

Information about free-time activities and sport clubs

Search for nannies agencies / babysitter agencies / day care givers

Administrative formalities

Our Service

Registration with local authorities

Tax card status change

Certificate of household members for children’s benefits

Application for childrens benefits

Coordination of all necessary documents relating to the motor vehicle registration

Assistance with opening a bank account

Support in identifying necessary insurances

Free referral to English-speaking health insurance agents

And much more …

Social and cultural integration

Our Service

Intercultural training

Overview of the language schools

Listings of recreational activities and international clubs

Ongoing support

Our Service

24 hour hotlines for emergencies possible

Advice and support of your employees

Departure assistance

Our Service

Termination of the lease, of the utility providers and existing contracts

Organizing the move, finding a reliable mover

Support with the coordination of renovations

Accompanied handover with protocol

Monitoring the return of the deposit

Work Ethics

Ongoing Support

IRC's goal is to continually deliver high quality services to your employees. Our team of international and interculturally versed professionals can respond to any special requests and intercultural challenges. To ensure highest satisfaction, we are there for you and your staff. We know from experience that a successful and efficient relocation requires full commitment.

Customer Centricity

Service Modules

Our different service modules allows IRC to offer customized destination services. We gladly develop an individual service concept for you.


Comprehensive information about the new place of residency in Germany. IRC offers an extensive neighborhood orientation tour which enables your assignee the selection of the residential area, which best meets their needs.

We respond to the individual needs of your assignees and create a search profile to assist in finding suitable properties reflecting the current market situation. Our scope of Home-Finding Service includes limited to unlimited accompanied viewings. This can be negotiated.

We document every property handover with a protocol and digital photos of damages. IRC supports your employees with all formalities regarding lease negotiations, lease summary in English and offering registration support with utility providers.

Whether it concerns moving companies, renovations or interior design - through our network of selected service providers, we can put together the perfect team for solution to your employee's needs.

It is IRC's top priority to integrate the entire family well, with the greatest empathy for the individual needs. We support the family with their choice of educational institutions and facilitate the integration of each family member into a supportive social network.

Through our expertise and excellent contacts with the government authorities, we can support you and your assignees efficiently with all authorizations and formalities. From visa support, to work permit authorization to local registrations and residence permits.

Would you like continual support? We can supervise the expiration dates of all permits and can offer an emergency 24/7 hotline to your assignees. Discuss with us your needs.

The coordination of all necessary proceedings for a stress-free departure is with IRC in professional hands. We have all deadlines of contract terminations and formalities at one glance.

You are planning to move an entire department or your company headquarters to a new location? Through our many years of experience with company moves, we can respond professionally to your specific needs.

Our Awards

Proof of Service

Now more than 15 years IRC Berlin is active in international mobility services. We are proud of our well trained team. The core of our success is our corporate philosophy. We love what we do and promise the best quality in our services... See our awards:

  1. 2015

    International Destination Service Provider

    Gold Award

  2. 2016

    International Destination Service Provider

    Gold Award

  3. 2017

    Service Excellence

    Gold Award

  4. 2018

    Destination Services

    Gold Award

  5. 2019

    Service Excellence

    Gold Award

  6. 2019

    Destination Services

    Gold Award